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Monday  |  7pm

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Make an appointment to Audit at BTAW LA!

  • Choice Skinner is the full service Acting Coach!! He teaches you how to be great by breaking through your own personal barriers. He provides a safe learning environment to understand, connect with, and strengthen your emotional range. He prepares you to be successful, and to manage well, and keep your success!! Choice Skinner has my utmost respect and my highest recommendation!!

    Michael Graham
  • Breakin' Through has helped me conquer the nerves of auditioning and allowed me to be free in the room and in front of the camera.

    Ramsay Phillips
  • Choice Skinner & BTAW has molded me into the artist I am today. Choice took a very green and naive girl and turned her into a powerful actress. Everything I’ve needed as an artist I got from BTAW. I booked my first show from a character Choice taught me. Choice pours into his student’s life, love, passion, truth and artistry. I always say Choice teamed up with God and that’s how I am who I am today.

    Daffany McGaray Clark
  • Before attending Choice Skinners Breakin’ Through Workshop I knew little to nothing about the film world. I was a theater kid who needed the correct tools to succeed. Luckily I was introduced to the class and was given those tools not just to succeed as an actor but as a filmmaker.

    Brandon Heitkamp
  • The BTAW gave me a place to come into my own, in a competitive free environment. It is the most loving community I have ever been a part of, all in thanks to the man at the helm, Choice (MOTHAFUCKIN) Skinner, who gives his whole mind and soul to every person in the class because he truly loves the art/craft.

    Jason Woods
  • "Breakin' Through Acting" gave me a space to truly be free to play. Not only was every single class session filled with time to stretch the emotional range, but every student got ample time with scene work. The consistent cold reading sessions helped my confidence auditioning as well as on sets where last minute script changes are the norm. "Breakin' Through" helped my growth as an actor tremendously.

    Jay Hunter (Star of “If Loving You Is Wrong & “Tyler Perry’s Acrimony”)
  • When I came to Breaking Through Actors Workshop. I was pretty confident in my acting abilities but for some reason wasn’t booking or even getting callbacks. Choice’s class is not the normal acting class, it takes you to places no other classes have dared to touch and because of this, his style directly translates into callbacks and actually bookings. I booked my first national commercial and I can truly say, that it was because of what I learned in BTAW and this is also evidenced by the amount of working actors that made the leap from his class to the TV & movie screens.

    Delious Kennedy Actor / Grammy winning artist w/ All-4-One
  • Breaking Through Acting Workshop helped me really love the art of acting. It allowed me to be comfortable on stage, play , and have fun with acting again!! I would have to say, it's my first acting class where I felt like I wasn't in my head and I actually got lost in the world of the scenes that he gave me.

    Stephanie Charles Star of The Paynes

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